Ford Grand Tourneo Connect WAV HappyAccess

For large families, going on holidays with a wheelchair-user is often considered as an achivement in itself ! However, if you are looking for a spacious vehicle, there are no needs to rent a big accessible bus. You have another solution : the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect Triflex which presents all the modularity you need... at the best price !

360° view of the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect WAV HappyAccess

Discover the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect HappyAccess in video

A modern and wheelchair friendly van, with a lot of modularity

A large internal volume to receive the whole family

Let's travel with 7 people (driver + wheechair-user included) !

If you have a big family, you probably think that renting a car to go on holidays in Europe or to spend a weekend abroad means high expenses. Therefore, if it is about a wheelchair accessible van, you do not dare to imagine the cost... However, the refitted Ford Grand Tourneo Connect proves you the reverse.

In addition, with its long layout, this accessible van can receive 6 people including a wheelchair passenger, or 7 people. A good atmosphere is guaranteed !

Comfort and modularity for a fraction of the price !

The wheelchair accessible Ford Grand Tourneo Connect HappyAccess is also equipped of a manual ramp that you can fold in the trunk. The aim ? Getting a normal trunk when the wheelchair user is not there. It is pretty useful to go to the supermarket or when you have big suitcase, isn't it?

What is more, in this Grand Tourneo Connect, all your passengers will enjoy the internal design and comfort during the way. That is a good news !

And... what about the price ?

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  • The cheapest wheelchair-accessible family car on the market, with 6 seats
  • Great modularity : swivel seats and folding ramp in the trunk
  • Big lowered floor
  • Quiet vehicle, even in the event of rain
  • Great visibility for the wheelchair passenger
  • Manipulating the rear seats needs some habit
  • Air conditioning in option, except on the top of range
  • Long vehicle which needs to be careful during a parallel parking

Floor plan

Discover on the picture below all the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect's internal and external dimensions.

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