Wheelchair-accessible van rental
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Wheelchair accessible Volkswagen Caddy Maxi with flexible ramp

The Caddy Maxi is one of the most appreciated wheelchair van in Europe.
This wheelchair friendly Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is adapted to long ways with a disabled person
In the wheelchair accessible car, 5 seats are kept + 1 wheelchair access
This WAV is fitted with safety straps for the wheelchair user !
This WAV has a considerable volume inside the vehicle, for a better comfort
Every kind of wheelchairs can fit in this Volkswagen Caddy Maxi HappyAccess

From 109€ for 1 day*

7 or 5 + 1

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The Caddy Maxi is one of the most appreciated wheelchair van in Europe. It has a large volume and offers you 6 places including one wheelchair access. Our Caddy HappyAccess also has a flexible rear ramp that can be fold in the trunk when you do not need it.

1 Day A Week-End A Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Month
109 € 182 € 545 € 945 € 1 264 € 1 590 €

*This price list does not include delivery of the vehicle. Prices are applicable until 2020/12/31.


360° view


A modern van, with non-insignificant advantages

Everyone has its own place

With such a large interior space, this Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is ideal to go on holidays when your family is pretty big, and when someone is using a wheelchair. 

Why that?

Thanks to its adaptability to the different situations that can happen during the everyday life, the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is completely suitable to escort your whole family to the wished destination.

With its large access in the back, this vehicle is convenient for many kinds of wheelchairs, even big ones. Plus, this large area does not remove the original chairs and the car can keep its 5 seats for the other passengers.

Also, you probably know that having a WAV (a wheelchair accessible vehicle) means to not have a trunk. But it is not exactly that case with the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi. Actually, when anyone is sitting in the back of the car, you still have the possibility to fold the ramp inside the vehicle and have a flat floor trunk instead! You can do that in the twinkling of an eye, manipulation is easy!

Rental rates

Our rental rates are decreasing gradually according to the time you want to hire the van, this is why we offer you the chance to have a personalized estimate for free. To get more information, call us or contact us by mail.

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