Wheelchair-accessible van rental
in France and Europe

Rent this Volkswagen Caddy with a swivel driving seat and hand controls

This Volkswagen Caddy is perfect to drive in cities !
Let yourself be seduced by the Caddy's design...
This car for hire has a steering knob, and manual brake and accelerator on the steering wheel
Rent this car to go on holidays with your familiy
The swivel driving seat is practical to get into the car when you are a wheelchair user
Despite your disability, you can drive this Volkswagen Caddy !
Feel free to rent this car despite your disability ! You are completely autonomous...
The swivel driving seat and the hand controls are easy to use,
Hiring a car which is adapted to wheelchair users is easy !
Volkswagen Caddy, a perfect car to bring your family to vacation with your disability

From 89€ for 1 day*

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You and your close relation would like to go on vacation for several days or weeks. You are able to drive, but you are in a wheelchair and getting into a car is sometimes a tricky task... without considering your special needs : hands controls. Having to do transfers from your wheelchair to the car is a bit tiring and you would like to take this weight off your family's mind. You would appreciate to be more autonomous.

We have good news ! This Volkswagen Caddy is the perfect deal : with its swivel driving seat and hand controls on the steering wheel, you are completely free ! A steering knob, a manual accelerator and manual brake... Everything is ready for you to take the wheel and bring everyone to the chosen destination !

1 Day A Week-End A Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks A month
89 € 149 € 449 € 789 € 1 079 € 1 380 €

*This price list does not include delivery of the vehicle. Prices are applicable until 2020/12/31.

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