Wheelchair-accessible van rental
in France and Europe

Rent this Citroën C3 with a multi-function steering ball and hand controls

The multi function steering knob will help you driving in France and Europe
Being disabled is not always an obstacle to driving
The Citroën C3 is easy to drive !
This C3 for hire is equipped of hand controls !
Sometimes, a multi function steering knob is the solution to drive safely with a disability !
Do not hesitate to request a free quote to hire this adapted car !

From 79€ for 1 day*

This car is equipped of a multi function steering knobThis car is equipped of a manual brake and accelerator

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+33 3 28 555 111

For your city trips, public transportation are not always perfect since they have limits in terms of disability and accessibility. And, despite your disability, you enjoy going wherever you want at the time you want ! That is why an adapted car would be helpful to spend a week-end in another country, or even holidays abroad. And this Citroën C3 have the necessary equipments to drive safely with your disability ! You can drive with your hands only : a multi function steering knob and hand controls (brake and accelerator), everything is ready !

1 Day A Week-End A Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks A Month
79 € 131 € 389 € 679 € 919 € 1 179 €


*This price list does not include delivery of the vehicle. Prices are applicable until 2020/12/31.

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