Wheelchair-accessible van rental
in France and Europe

Rent this Citroën C3 fully-equipped for a disabled driver

This Citroën C3 is really easy to drive both in cities and countrysides
Rent this modern C3 to visit french countries !
If you have a disability, this car has all the necessary equipments to drive safely !
This control allows you to manage the windscreen wiper, the indicators,...
A road trip is possible while being disabled thanks to this fully-equipped car
Into this Citroën C3, you can be 5 people !

From 79€ for 1 day*

Pedals invertedDevice to control the windscreen wiper, the indicators,...

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+33 3 28 555 111

Having a disability does not always prevent from going out and taking the car. If you have your driving licence, the road is an absolute field of freedom ! You can go anywhere without obstacles. Going on vacation, paying a visit to your close family member or friends, going to a special event… Any excuse is good enough to take the car ! That’s perfect timing. Our Citroën C3 to rent has a manual brake, a manual accelerator, and inverted pedals. That way, everything is already ready to make you getting some fresh air … Feel free to contact us to rent it !

1 Day A Week-End A Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks A month
79 € 131 € 389 € 679 € 919 € 1 179 €

*This price list does not include delivery of the vehicle. Prices are applicable until 2020/12/31.

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