Citroën Berlingo XL SimplyAccess

Choosing a wheelchair accessible car is not as easy as what we think. According to your wheelchair, you would not have the same selection. However, we have the Citroën Berlingo WAV XL which is convenient for both manual wheelchairs and big electric wheelchairs. A good opportunity, isn't it ?

360° view of the Citroën Berlingo WAV XL SimplyAccess

One of the most accessible vehicle of the moment

Enjoy the large space at the back of the car !

If you have an electric wheelchair, innovation is a good point in your daily life (batteries which become more and more efficient,...). However, those innovations have a result : the one to increase the size of the wheelchairs ! And sometimes, they are a bit bigger than the planned space. Of course, it is always possible to get into a big vehicle or in a wheelchair-friendly minibus, but is it practical in holidays, if you want to visit the city downtown for example ?

Thanks to the Citroën Berlingo WAV XL, you do not have to make compromise between the wheelchair's size and the vehicle's size. This car has a sensible height and a large lowered floor ! Thus, no matter if you have a big or large wheelchair, you have the possibility to get into the car without obstacles.

What is the Citroën Berlingo XL SimplyAccess's aim ? Togetherness !

In spite of the large access for the disabled passenger, the vehicle offers in option the possibility to add one or two seats at the back. They are specially thought of to be installed on the Berlingo's sides. They are comfortable and they still allow the wheelchair user to be placed next to the rear passengers, assuring togetherness on the road !

  • Large and long lowered floor to move forward with your wheelchair
  • Possibility to add 2 rear seats whitout obstructing the access
  • There is a light and large access ramp
  • Adjustment of the suspensions for the wellbeing
  • Rear middle seat is removed

  • No adjustment possible for both rear seats

Discover all the wheelchair accessible vehicle's details on the picture below. Feel free to click on it to better see the information. 

If you want to better see the car's details, click on the picture

Citroën Berlingo : all the details

Click on the picture below to know everything about the Citroën Berlingo.

Click on the picture to know everything about the Citroën Berlingo.