Wheelchair accessible Renault Kangoo XL with a wide lowered floor

The Renault Kangoo XL SimplyAccess has a wide lower floor

If you have a big electric wheelchair you can probably be afraid of the wheelchair accessible minivans we propose. Tough our Renault Kangoo XL has a very wide lowered floor, feature that is not insignifiant. This WAV Kangoo is really interesting to drive safely in small streets of European cities.

360° view of the Renault Kangoo WAV XL

Watch the video of the wheelchair accessible Renault Kangoo XL

An handicap converted car accessible for every types of wheelchairs!

A large lowered floor to facilitate your daily life

Every kinds of wheelchair can get into this wheelchair accessible Renault Kangoo

As you maybe know, electric wheelchairs are bigger and bigger. This fact can be annoying in many situations... 

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect solution to go on holidays and to travel in another country. This is why we have decided to propose you THE ideal vehicle to travel with a large wheelchair.

That's right! The Renault Kangoo XL SimplyAccess has the qualities you are looking for: you will noticed that only one seat is in the back of the car and, in this way, it lets a large access for the wheelchair passenger. Another advantage is that this spacious place allows the wheelchair passenger to move a bit forward inside the car and be placed next to the passenger who is sitting on the rear seat. A good thing for an even better atmosphere, isn't it?

So, whether it be about a large wheelchair or a simple wheelchair, you will be seduced by the large accessibility, the easy-to-use side and the pleasant atmosphere during the way.

A simple manual ramp

This SimplyAccess version offers an access by a manual ramp that can be effortlessly folded. Robust and reliable, this  ramp is perfect to get easily into the car in wheelchair.

Retractors are perfectly included in the floor so as to ensure an optimal safety to the wheelchair passenger.

Rental information

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Do not forget that you can hire a WAV for the period and the time you want. Call us or send us an email to get more information in accordance with your holidays schedule. Our team is available to meet your expectations, and will be attentive to what you want to ask.

  • Very large lowered floor convenient for every types of wheelchairs
  • Friendliness for the wheelchair passenger who travel in the middle of the car, and not in the back
  • Reliable layout, easy to use
  • Sound-proofing much more progressing compared to previous versions
  • 1 rear seat
  • Things can be stocked under the floor in the back of the vehicle

Floor plan

Click on the picture below to know all the details about the Renault Kangoo XL SimplyAccess' configuration !