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Peugeot Partner HappyAccess with a flexible ramp

From 89€ for 1 day*

5 or 3 + 1

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The Peugeot Partner WAV HappyAccess is a huge success in France due to its small outisde size in comparison to its spacious interior. You have the possibility to travel with 3 seats and a large space for a wheelchair passenger. You can also easily return to 5 seats with a normal trunk thanks to the flexible rear ramp.

1 Day A Week-End A Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Month
89 € 149 € 449 € 789 € 1 079 € 1 380 €

*This price list does not include delivery of the vehicle. Prices are applicable until 2019/12/31.


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Compact, multipurpose and available at the best price!

Discover the practicality of this wheelchair accessible vehicle

Your child is moving in wheelchair and your back hurts at each transfer from the wheelchair to the car. So that means, you deeply start thinking about using a wheelchair accessible vehicle to go on holidays. It seems so comfortable for both you and your child.

You study all the possibilities and start to realize that an access ramp is vital to get into the car with a wheelchair. Unfortunately, the trunk access is not really practical when the wheelchair passenger is not there and you know it will happen. So… What to do? Going in holidays with your original car and having a large free trunk to go shopping or renting a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) without this practical trunk ?

We found a solution!

The Peugeot Partner HappyAccess is a “2 in 1” car! To travel with a person using a wheelchair, this vehicle is pretty practical owing to its long and large lowered floor in the back, with a manual ramp easy to fold! In a few seconds, the wheelchair passenger is in the car.

BUT, this car has another added value… Which one?... When there is no wheelchair passenger, the Peugeot Partner HappyAccess gets back to its original setup in the twinkling of an eye… that is to say 5 seats + a flat floor trunk!

Its silence will soothe you

With the Peugeot Partner HappyAccess, you can forget all of the prejudices you have!

Modern and well equipped, the driver and its passengers are received in a notable comfort. The sound level while driving is enjoyable, there is no need to shout to be heard when you are on the highway. Road behavior is sane...

Rental information

As we know every family is different and has different plans during their holidays, we offer you the opportunity to have a personalized quote for free (you can fill in the form by clicking on the button "ask for a quote", or contact us by mail/phone). You have the opportunity to rent a WAV for the period and time you want, according to your needs. Interesting ! 

You can also check the price list to have an idea :

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Floor plan

We give you the opportunity to check all the details concerning the Peugeot Partner HappyAccess before renting it, in order to make sure that everything is good for you.

Click on the floor plan below to better see the information.

Here is the wheelchair-accessible Peugeot Partner's floor plan

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