Organize your holidays

Going on holidays with a recreational vehicle is not something we improvise. Even if it is practical, it has to be a bit organized to avoid nasty surprises. Handynamic and its whole team have planned everything for you to not have problems with the use of the RV, however you will find in this page some tips and advice to organize at best your holidays.

Where can I find an accessible campsite/campground ?

Even if your recreational vehicle gives you a full autonomy, especially thanks to its adapted bathroom and kitchen, it's better to think up your breaks in accessible places. Imagine something : you stop somewhere, and you see that the place is full of fine sand... What a pain! It will be such a difficulty to move with a wheelchair that you will not be able to enjoy the place. 

So, we advice you to reserve some stops in accessible campgrounds or in special RVs areas. Or, at least, take a short list with you with all the accessible places you can find on your way. It can be really helpful!

If you want to enjoy at the most your stages, check the places where facilities are fully adapted to disabled people. Path, toilet blocks, and also bars, restaurants and pools for example have to be wheelchair-friendly.

In order to facilitate your organization, here is a short list of accessible campgrounds in France and Europe. It's adviced to call before going, in order to make sure the place is really accessible according to your needs.

Good ideas and good destinations

We do not pretend being a tour guide, but we would like to inform you about some pleasant and comfortable destinations.

Accessible winter sports

Year in, year out, winter sports resorts (at least, in France) receive more and more motorhomes. Simultaneously, they become well eqquiped to propose convenient winter sports activities to people with reduced mobility. Thus, it can be interesting to rent a fully accessible RV in those places and take advantage of board sports ! That's right, nowadays there are many ways to ski with a disability, interesting isn't it ? 

However accommodations in winter resorts are not always accessible for people with a disability, that is why we advice you to check housing before leaving in order to avoid any unpleasant surprise. And if you do not find convenient or available accessible housing, do not hesitate to check our RVs. Their facilities are fully adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Spending time on the snow with a disability is possible !

Christmas markets in Alsace (east of France)

Hiring a motorhome is often connected with summer holidays. However, autumn and winter are also good seasons to spend warm holidays in a campervan.

We would like to share a good tip with you... If you want to deeply enjoy the magic of Christmas, it is in Alsace that you should go. With its numerous Christmas markets, the east of France is the favorite destination of the motorhome-users !

Year's end celebrations trends are important in this place, and each town or village propose their traditional activities on the Christmas theme. Here is a good opportunity to rent an accessible RV to go from city to city ! No need to check all the hotel and to verify their accessibility, your accessible accomodation travels with you.

What is more, Handynamic offers you attractive rental rates from November to March !

Christmas period is pretty good to hire a motorhome

Spending good time on french oceanfronts

Taking rest and having fun on the beach is perhaps something you are dreaming about. Unfortunately, when you are moving in a wheelchair the whole day, trying to go on the beach is not as comfortable as you would like it to be.

Luckily, we have good news !

First, choose an off-season period. In that way, there will be less families on the road and the ride will be done easier.

Secondly (here is the good news), some beautiful places along the Mediterranean sea are wheelchair-friendly! Which ones?  Antibes, Saint-Tropez, Nice, Saint-Maxime, Monaco, Cavalaire, Bandol, Adge, La Grande Motte, Marseille, Argel├Ęs-sur-mer,... And the list is not over!