Wheelchair-accessible van rental
in France and Europe

Handicap RV 2 passengers

A wheelchair friendly RV will give you the liberty you need to travel
This campervan is wheelchair accessible
Hire a recreational vehicle to discover Europe with a disability !
Everything is ready to make you feel at home in this campervan
This motorhome is adapted to wheelchair-user
In this RV, facilities are adapted to disabled people
A wheelchair friendly campervan is the solution to avoid problems of housing for wheelchair users
Every facilities are easy to manipulate !
Get some fresh air with our wheelchair accessible RVs
A remote control allows you to use easily the hatchback
The use of a hatchback is often more reassuring than a ramp for wheelchair-users
The wheelchair access through a hatchback is also better for the partner as it is effortless
In this motorhome, the wheelchair user can do everything easily thanks to the adapted facilities : cooking, sleeping,...
In this campervan, the wheelchair passenger can travel safely thanks to the retractors

From 400€ a week*

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To spend enjoyable holidays, nothing is better than a comfortable and roomy Recreational Vehicle in which you can easily go into it, and move without difficulties. Our full wheelchair-accessible motorhome allows that, with its 2 seats and 1 wheelchair access !

*According to the season and duration. Please, check our hire rates for more information.


Getting into this motorhome is pretty easy : there is no need to push the wheelchair user on the ramp, you simply have to click on the remote and the tailgate (in the back of the vehicle) will raise or will go down. The wheelchair passenger just has to come on it. It is as simple as that!

A double bed is also placed in the back of the car and can be fold with a click of your fingers! Thus, it lets a large space for the wheelchair user (whether it be in a manual or electric wheelchair). During the way, the wheelchair passenger can take his place behind front seats and the retractors have to be installed correctly. Of course, do not forget the seatbelt of the vehicle (even if you have a little Q'straint seatbelt fastened to the retractors, it is not enough). It is also possible for the person using a wheelchair to be placed in front of the car, thanks to the swivel seats.

This motorhome has many facilities adapted to disabled people : bathroom, kitchen, ... Everything is here to make your trip as comfortable as possible!

Capacity :

  • On the road : 2 people + 1 wheelchair passenger
  • Around the table : 2 people + 1 wheelchair passenger
  • Bedding : 2