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Handynamic's history

Let's have a look at the Handynamic company background!

Our vocation

Created in 2007, Handynamic is based on a belief: the one to find an answer to a burning issue.

Then Pierre Folliot, one of the three founders, decided to undertake something that deeply matters to him : giving more mobility to the persons who need it.
Starting from scratch, his engineer's diploma allowed him to design a large range of wheelchair-accessible cars.

Exclusive partnership

Working together for many years, Pierre and Sylvain Mas decided to become partners and created their own firm. That is how the Handynamic's adventure started!

Pierre subjected his project to Sylvain who completely agreed with him, taking into account boundaries that are facing people with mobility challenges in their everyday life.

C├ędric Dugauquier, the third associate, helped Pierre to make the first wheelchair accessible minibuses.

The first intention was to rent these vehicles.

An ambition

Motivated by innovative ideas, the three owners had the idea to satisfy both private individuals and professionnals working in the handicap circle.

Handynamic became quickly the first multibrand and multiservices specialist in the field of disabled cars.